Setting up Time Machine on a LaCie Network Space, wireless-ly

The marketing of the LaCie Network Space 2 claims that the device is Time Machine compatible, but when you try and dig for instructions on how to get it to work, the tubes becomes very very empty.

If you’re connecting your Network Space via USB, I imagine the device works out of the box. i.e. you just connect it to the Mac and Time Machine will find the drive and use it. In my case, my Network Space is connected to a wireless router, and I wanted to use it as if it was a Time Capsule.

Ordinarily, when you try and set up a Time Capsule, Time Machine will try and search for the Time Capsule over Bonjour, but because the Network Space doesnt identify itself as a Time Capsule it doesnt show up in the list. As it turns out, you can still do this, but you first need to tell Mac to chill out and show Time Machine capable devices which AREN’T the Time Capsule. In Terminal:

defaults write TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1

Now, when you “Show Supported Devices” in Time Machine, the OpenShare share is discovered and you’re good to go.

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