Be mindful of IIS Virtual Websites

wow – I’ve just finished cleaning up a project conversion gone massively awry.

The proejct was originally in classic ASP, but over the years, people have extended it with ASP.NET parts (in this case, webservices).

The hosting provider was asked to configure the main root-folder of the website in IIS6 as a standard website, but a special request was made to the sub-directories into ASP.NET web-application folders.

…and of course here i come cleaning up the entire solution and migrating the classic ASP code to .NET and my deployments all break. why? because the webservices were expecting all of their own binaries to be nested within their sub-directory….a mess of binary files, and the website would just error that the referenced assemblies could not be found.

the solution? uncheck the web-application settings for all sub-directories and move the code binaries into the main bin directory.

i feel there’s more work to come on this solution…. 😐

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