Lose the apps, Facebook

…and while i’m on the topic of Facebook – LOSE THE SHITTY APPLICATIONS, FACEBOOK!. Your website is becoming overrun by hundreds of thousands of lousy applications, most of which are focused on trying to make a quick buck out of the system.

if you leave something popular open, it will be exploited by those who see monetary value in it’s existence.

Google (on the other hand) use very closed-circuit tactics for managing their software and environment, despite the perception of an open system.

  • 1. Their search technology is closed-source and proprietry
  • 2. Ad-Words is tightly controlled by Google
  • 3. Google CSE
  • 4. Google Maps has no SOAP API – just AJAX.

Where Google makes its success is in providing hundreds of little tools and applications to interface with their technologies within their controlled environment. Facebook gives you open slather to do whatever/whenever and rewards and promotes people for referral of applications – hence it is now a cesspool.

…soon enough the next big thing will be upon us and facebook will slowly phase out if they cant get it under control.

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