Stalking over the net – too easy

Does it concern most people that Facebook (as one particular example) basically allows you to show and share virtually everything about you?

I don’t particularly care if any of the 390 odd people on my friends list check out my photo gallery, or tagged photos of me, but surely there comes a point when people you haven’t seen or spoken to since forever are able to go through all your info.

one half of me asks “well why are they even on your facebook in the first place, if you haven’t spoken to them for so long?”…..and the truth is….i dont know. i can’t explain my compulsion to want to try and re-contact people from my past. but at the same, i highly doubt i’m the only one does this.

so now you have a growing culture of people just adding each anyone and everyone else…..and access to information is easily available. only those who are truly anal go about changing the privacy settings from the defaults.

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