Photoshop under linux

This morning i managed to install run Photoshop under Ubuntu Gutsy. Wine
never stops to amaze me.

At the bare minimum, i was impressed at how the installation was flawless.
well….almost ;)….it looked like it had crashed towards the end, so i
killed the process, but by that stage, everything had already been installed
and registered, it seems.

Once installed, I had to add the Photoshop.exe to run under Windows 2000
emulation, otherwise things like keyboard accelerators aren’t recognised.

and how did it run? Brilliantly. it was clean and fast…..lightning fast.
Working on hi-res images, rotating layers, applying layer masks – all of it
worked at full speed…you’d never guess there was an emulation layer
sitting in the middle.

the only gotcha i seem to be coming across is the error message: “Unable to
continue because of a hardware or system error. Sorry but this error is
unrecoverable.”. It seems that this happens when the user profile becomes
“corrupt” and the only way to fix it is to blow away the photoshop settings
profile on boot. To do this, hold down immediately after
running photoshop, and answer yes when it asks you to delete the preferences

appears tat you have to do this everytime you run the program though. O_o
…..i’m not convinced and i’m sure more digging around will disprove that.

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