The Bungie.NET website

over at MSDN discusses the design, architecture and implementation
of the Bungie.NET website. It’s really quite interesting to read how they
leveraged .NET and other technologies to create such a successful site.


(Taken from article)

Summary: The
site is the online companion to the wildly successful Halo 2 video game for
Xbox, released in November 2004 by Microsoft. The site also acts as the
community hub for all things related to Bungie games. Built with the Microsoft
..NET Framework, serves up more than 4 million pages per day,
accumulating 300 gigabytes of online game statistics per month from more than 1
million games played daily. Deemed "Most Innovative Design" by IGN
Entertainment in 2004, the site provides innovative ways for users to view game
statistics and details as well as interact with each other through forums and
team Web pages. The release of the site represented a milestone in
online console game play. This case study provides insight into this


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