Happy Birthday (The C-Sharp way)

This evening I wanted to wish someone a happy birthday. In my infinate geekdom, I figured writing a tiny app to do it would be a nice way to waste 20 mins this evening. I started off writing in Notepad (because this really isn’t worth opening Visual Studio for), and compiled using CSC jsut to make sure it worked in the end (oops, forgot a few semi-colons…)

using System;

public class BirthdayWisher
    public BirthdayWisher(string personName, DateTime birthDate)
      this.PersonName = personName;
      this.BirthDate = birthDate;
    public readonly DateTime BirthDate;
    public readonly string PersonName;

    const string BirthdayMessage = 
        "rnDear {0}! Wishing you a happy birthday for {1}. Congratulations on being {2} years old!";

    public void WishBirthday()
      Console.WriteLine(String.Format(BirthdayMessage, PersonName, BirthDate.ToString("MMMM dd"), DateTime.Today.Year - BirthDate.Year));

public class NaomiBirthday
  public static void Main(string[] args)
    BirthdayWisher naomi = new BirthdayWisher("Naomi", new DateTime(1983, 11, 21));
    Console.WriteLine("rnPress any key to end.");

So i sent her an IM message with that code and the following instructions to run this:
1. Copy the text above and save it to your desktop as a file called “birthday.cs”
2. Click “Start –> Run” and paste the following into the box and then press enter.

%windir%system32cmd.exe /c “%WINDIR%Microsoft.NETFrameworkv2.0.50727csc /out:”%USERPROFILE%birthday.exe” “%USERPROFILE%desktopbirthday.cs” > null&&”%USERPROFILE%birthday.exe”&& del “%USERPROFILE%birthday.exe” ”

Yes, i am a massive geek, but now I can re-use the same code for someone else’s birthday – yay for reuse! The harsest part about this whole thing wasn’t the code, but in the command-prompt syntax required to chain commands properly and get it to execute as i’d expect. Even after spending maybe 30 mins on it, I don’t think I got it right, and certianly it could be improved upon….I guess that leaves room for Happy Birthday v2 🙂

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