List of Technologies/Software I would like to try out from ground zero

Reading an article about unit testing got me thinking about some of the tools i’d love to sink my teeth into.

I’m documenting them here in case i forget.

NHibernate (ORM)
SQLLite (DB)

Castle Windsor/Ninject (DI)
Lof4Net (Logging)
LINQ (Language Querying)
Tree Surgeon (Environment setup)

NUNit (Unit testing)
Rhino.Mocks/Moq (Mocking)
WatIn (UI testing)

Build Integration
Nant (Build tool)
CC.NET (CI server)

ASP.NET MVC /Monorail (Web engine)
PRISM (WPF App framework)
NHaml (MVC View Engine)

a lot of these i have or currently do use….some of them i have only ever played around with and a few i’ve never even touched.

At least me putting it down on paper (or bits, in this case) is a reminder of what i’m keen to try, and will get to it soon.


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