Uninstall IE7 and go back to IE6

Because IE6 still has a 30% market share , it’s important to test your website on IE6.

Sadly, installing IE7 removes any hope of safely being able to do so….There are compatibility issues with apps like IE6Standalone etc which don’t make them 100% reliable. In my case, Windows auto-update was kind enough to upgrade my specific IE6 virtual machine to use IE7. *rolls eyes*

To uninstall IE7, and revert back to IE6:

  1. click Start -> Run.
  2. Type: %windir%ie7spuninstspuninst.exe into the text box, then click OK.

It’s pretty quick to run, but requires a restart.


  1. We’re seeing something like 37% across our webservers. Firefox is also high enough that we need to care about it, and sometimes there are Safari-specific issues, but we usually only pay extra attention to those if our clients happen to be using macs.

  2. Nice article on tracking.

    As a side note, you can use IE6 on a machine with IE7 or IE8 by usint MultipleIE’s (or, under Linux with IE4Linux).


  3. I’ve found there to be incompatibility issues with MulttipleIEs and also with IEs4Linux. Particularly the latter when it comes to activeX integration.

    in 80% of cases, these alternatives are sufficient, but then the 80-20 rule comes in 😉

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