Test your web design in different browsers

After seeing the fully CSS Homer Simpson, i wanted to see what he looked like under all browsers.

i found http://www.browsershots.org a while back and lost the link – blogging it here so i don’t lose it again.

Essentially this website has a virtual machine farm running a plethora of operating systems and an even larger plethora of browsers. You can get an idea of how your site looks under each of these OS/Browser combinations just by submitting a URL.

matter of fact, my results are coming up now…….

  • IE 8: Renders Homer, but his neck drops below the bottom of the bounding box
  • IE 6: Renders perfect
  • IE 5.01: Renders perfect
  • IE 5.5: Renders perfect
  • FF 1.5: Renders perfect

…and then i get this message “Browsershots is temporarily unavailable. The database needs a full vacuum. We hope to be back soon. If all goes well, this should take less than two hours.”…..Meh. i’ve seen enough to know that IE8 is still definitely beta software 😉

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