I got this error today when trying to get-latest version
using a custom get-latest tool we have written at my current place of work. This tool uses
SourceSafeTypelib.DLL binary to communicate with the SS server, and the first
call to GetLatestAllFiles resulted in a COM exception citing “Version Not


A great deal of research went into finding the problem –
was it complaining about file versions? Different tree versions? Label versions??
With almost all avenues exhausted, I looked at the installed version of source


My primary machine (which works) runs SS v6.0c…..and
the virtual machine (which had the problem)? SS v6.0d.


Took a stab in the dark – uninstalled 6.0d and
re-installed 6.0c…..and who would have thought it, but that actually fixed
the problem….how bizarre 🙂