I wont just link to The Technologist
, I want to make one clear point about this reading that really
stood out for me.


Right at the top, the author asserts that there are
two types of business processes – Physical
and Logical.


There are two basic types of
processes in business: physical and logical. Physical requires the proximity of
two or more objects which must interact; like someone to load a crate onto a
barge. Logical means it can be done anywhere with an acceptable network
connection (like invoicing the loaded barge).
The only point of IT is to improve physical operations by providing
efficiencies and reducing logical operations by providing automation.

What hit home for me was this statement which so
clearly defined the industry I (and presumably you) work in.


I say forget about all the other “goals”
that your company tries to teach you. If you’re striving to achieve these
two targets, I believe your will be successful in IT.

Rule 1: Where a
task requires physical labour, your solution should help to make the task as
efficient as possible

Rule 2: Where a
task requires logical operations, your solution should automate as much as
possible for the personnel


Seems very simple when you read it but definitely something
that a lot of people easily miss out. To me, this is the stuff that separates developers.
Not just cutting code but understanding the domain and building a solution to